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Fashion film of Bokeum Jeon's collection port, inspired by a gathering of outcasts, "pirates", in search of their own destinies. Interweaving lace, ruffles, and ribbons with traditional silhouettes of Korean Hanbok, the fashion collection offers a fantastical interpretation of what utilitarian dressing looks like for their journeys.

Director: Caroline Xia
Director of Photography/Editor: Rafhael Dungca
Collection: Bokeum Jeon
Talent: Han Na Shin & Bokeum Jeon
Producer: Shariful Taher
Production Company: Strada Couvert
Musical Score: Brandon Iqbal
Color: Joseph D'Aleo
Production Assistants: Esther Lee & Eloise Parisi
VFX: Sam Vassor
Graphic Design & Risograph Animation: Xena Brar

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